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Sport is one of the most important economic and social areas of life and, arguably, the only one subject to a private governance regime. At the same time, while it is indisputable that sports matters ought to be governed under the private autonomy of sports associations there are numerous areas where the intersection between public interest and private autonomy has either already triggered forms of public intervention or raised claims for increased public scrutiny. This creates important challenges for all those involved in Sports Governance: Sports Associations, teams, companies, players, agents, and those overseeing them. In particular, recent ethical, human rights, corruption and doping scandals, on the one hand, and increased concerns with tax evasion, economic conflicts of interest, distorted competition and match fixing in sports activities, on the other hand, have highlighted the importance of both reflecting on governance issues and providing training on good governance practices.

This summer course will do just that with a group of lecturers among the very best and most experienced in the world of sports governance and related themes.

The School will offer to all those involved in sports the opportunity to get to know a variety of private and public governance issues in sports: from ethical or human rights issues to arbitration, and from teams management or competition issues to the development and enforcement of principles of good governance.

See you in Porto!

Miguel Poiares Maduro
Joseph Weiler
Maria de Fátima Ribeiro