Other Courses taught in English

Undergraduate Programme in Law
Winter Semester

Fundamental Rights (5 ECTS)
(Lecturer still to be determined)
Intellectual Property Law (General approach) (5 ECTS)
Ph.D. Victória Rocha
International Commercial Negotiation (2.5 ECTS)
Dr. Thomas Gaultier
Tax Law (7.5 ECTS)
Master Inês Pinto Leite
English for Law and Business (2.5 ECTS)
Dr. Thomas Gaultier
Law of the Sea (2.5 ECTS)
Master Armando Rocha

Summer Semester

Common Law Contracts and Sales (5 ECTS)
Dr. Thomas Gaultier
EU Maritime Law and Policy (2.5 ECTS)
Ph.D. Rosa Greaves

Master Programme in Law
Winter Semester

The Grand Theories of Small Cases (2.5 ECTS)
Ph.D. Miguel Poiares Maduro
Multiprotection Level of Fundamental Social Rights (2.5 ECTS)
Ph.D. Catarina Botelho

Summer Semester

International and European Refugee Law (2.5 ECTS)
Ph.D. Lucia Alonzo Sanz
Law and Life (2.5 ECTS)
Ph.D. Miguel Poiares Maduro
The Role and Duties of Corporate Directors and Officers (2.5 ECTS)
Dr. Patrick O'Malley