Why study Law at Católica Porto?


Created in 1978, the undergraduate Law course was the first one to be offered in Porto. It gradually gained national and international prestige, not only because of its teachers and students, but also for its initiatives and excellent facilities.

Today, the Law graduation course has a wide base, and it allows the students to diverge into several different professional careers.

At the same time, the creation of distinct divisions towards the end of the course guides the student into various specialized branches of judicial science. The course itself motivates the student to learn how to think well, creating true judicial minds and not just technical interpreters limited to a rigid knowledge of the law.

The objective for the Católica Porto Law School is, in fact, to synthesize fundamental theory and a practical application of the law.

Tradition and Modernity - True to its tradition of rigour and excellence, the Católica Porto Law School is strongly committed with innovation and modernity.

Teachers - Over more than thirty years, we have been forming a strong body of teachers, internationally trained in prestigious universities across Europe and North America.

Transversal Education - Taking advantage of being located in a campus along with other Schools, we are able to ensure our students a transversal education (including Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Management, Economics, Marketing, and Political Science). Also, we are working on a project targeted at students´ ability for teamwork, fluency in foreign languages such as mandarin, the use of information technologies, the development of communication skills, creativity, ability to solve new problems, critical thinking, negotiation and leadership, among other soft skills. Students at Católica Porto Law School will not only acquire an excellent level of technical education, but will also learn how to be free, responsible and autonomous individuals.

International Experiences - As a part of the “educating jurists for the World” attitude, we privilege and strongly encourage international mobility among the students.

Practical Approaches - As our commitment to link theory and practice, we regularly have at our School law professionals to lecture practical subjects and seminars.